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Quality Home Appliances  
SF-2502 Bread Maker 
Instruction for use 
SF-2502 Domácí pekárna 
Návod k použití 
SF-2502 Pekáreň 
Návod na používanie 
SF-2502 Хлебопечка  
Инструкция по использованию 
SF-2502 Kenyérsütő gép 
Használati utasítás 
SF-2502 Cuptor pentru pâine 
Instrucţiuni de folosire 
SF-2502 Pekarna 
Uputa za uporabu 
EN: For your own safety read these instructions carefully before using the appliances. 
CZ: V zájmu vlastního bezpečí si před prvním použitím pečlivě přečtěte tento návod k obsluze. 
SK: Kvôli vlastnej bezpečnosti si pred použitím zariadenia pozorne prečítajte tento návod. 
RU: В целях Вашей собственной безопасности, перед использованием изделия внимательно 
прочитайте настоящую инструкцию. 
HU: Kérjük a készülék első üzembehelyezése előtt saját biztonsága érdekében olvassa végig a 
használati utasítást és kövesse előírásait. 
RO: Pentru siguranţa dumneavoastră, citiţi cu atenţie instrucţiunile de folosire ale 
HR: Radi vlastite sigurnosti prije uporabe uređaja pažljivo pročitajte ovu uputu. 

Dear Customer, 
Thank you for choosing ALPINA home appliance. You have chosen the best appliances 
that offer 2 years/24 months warranty and years of service. We stand for quality, 

dependability and friendship forever. We hope you will choose ALPINA again and make 
ALPINA your first choice in home appliances. 

1.  The surface of the housing and the steam vents heat up during operation. Do not 
touch any hot parts of the unit. Be sure to use an oven-cloth or suitable gloves 
when removing the bread

2.  The bread-maker should only be connected to an earthed socket installed in 

accordance with the regulations. Make sure that the supply voltage corresponds with 
the voltage marked on the rating label. 
3.  Always switch off the bread maker after use and remove the plug from the wall 
socket, as well as 
in case of any malfunction during use,  
when removing the baking-tin,  
during cleaning. 
4.  When removing the plug from the wall socket, never pull on the power cord; always 
grip the plug itself. Do not allow the cord to hang free; the cord must be kept well 
away from hot parts of the appliance. 
5.  Do not operate if the appliance or its power cord shows any signs of damage. 
6.  Children are not aware of the dangers that may occur when operating electrical 
appliances. Always place the unit in such a way that children cannot reach it. 
7.  Ensure a minimum distance of 5 cm to walls or other objects. Do not position or 
operate the appliance close to or underneath any hanging objects such as curtains or 
other inflammable materials, and do not position any objects on top of the appliance 
while it is in use. 
8.  Always place the unit on a level, heat-resistant work surface. Do not allow the 
appliance or its power cord to touch hot surfaces or come into contact with any heat 
sources (e.g. oven-plates or open flames). 
9.  Do not operate the appliance unless the baking-tin with the ingredients has been 
placed inside the unit. 
10.  Do not expose the appliance to rain or moisture and do not operate the appliance 
outdoors or on wet surfaces. Always ensure that it is well protected from water 
splashes.  Never immerse the plug, the power cord or the appliance itself in water. 
11.  This bread-maker is intended for domestic use only and not for commercial 
12.  Do not use this appliance for any purpose other than the one described in this 

13.  The use of any accessories other than those provided by the manufacturer may 

result in damage to the appliance; there is also a possibility of severe personal 
14.  Do not touch any moving parts during operation. Do not put your fingers or hands 
inside the unit, unless it is disconnected from the mains supply and has cooled down 
15.  In order to comply with safety regulations and to avoid hazards, repairs of electrical 
appliances must be carried out by qualified personnel, including the replacement of 
the power cord. If repairs are needed, please send the appliance to one of our 
customer service departments.  

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