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92.What famous English writers do you know?  

93.What famous American writers do you know?  
94.Who are your favourite English (American) authors?  
95.Who are your favourite Russian writers?  
96.Do you like poetry?  
97.Which do you prefer to read, poetry or prose?  
98.Have you ever written any poetry?  
99.What is the basic difference between poetry and prose?  
100.Who are your favourite Russian poets?  
101.Do you read much?  
102.How much do you read in English?  
103.Is it difficult for you to read English books in the original?  
104.What kinds of books do you know?  
105.If you could choose between reading a book or seeing the same story on TV, which would you 
prefer? Why?  
106.Do you believe that one day computers will replace books?  
107.What are the advantages of the Internet?  
108.Do you choose different sorts of books for different occasions (holidays, journeys, bed)?  
109.What's the difference between a biography and autobiography?  
110. What's the difference between fiction and non-fiction books?  
111. Who are your favourite modern authors?  
112. What kind of books do they write?  
113. Which book did you particularly enjoy reading recently?  
114. What did you like about the book?  
115. What was it about?  
116. Are there any books you'd like to reread?  
117. Do you sometimes borrow books from a library?  
118. What do you call a person who works in a library?  
119. Have you got a lot of books at home?  
120. Do you think it is good to have a home library?  
121. Have you got any books in English at home?  
122. Why do so many people like to read crime stories?  
123. Can you explain the difference between a bookshop and a library?  
124. Do you read newspapers?  
125. What newspapers do you read?  
126. What are your favourite magazines?  
127. Where can you buy newspapers and magazines?  

128. What newspapers and magazines do you subscribe to?  

129. Which sections of a newspaper are you especially interested in?  
130. Do you read reviews of new books, films and plays?  
131. What is an editorial?  
132. What's the difference between an editor and a reporter?  
133. Do you like to read stories about the private lives of pop stars and actors?  
134. Do you read any newspapers in English?  
135. What British newspapers do you know?  
136. Do you agree that radio and television have made newspapers unnecessary?  
137. Do you like watching TV?  
138. How much time do you spend watching TV?  
139. Do the mass media report the events objectively?  
140. What TV programmes are most popular with young people?  
141. What are your favourite TV programmes?  
142. What programmes do your parents usually watch?  
143. What do you think of soap operas?  
144. Do you like quiz shows?  
145. Do you ever watch educational TV programmes? Are they helpful?  
146. Are you an Internet-user?  
147. How many times have you been to the cinema this year?  
148. Who are your favourite actors?  
149. Who are you favourite film directors?  
150. What do you think of horror films?  
151. Which film did you particularly like recently?  
152. What was it about?  
153. Who starred in the film?  
154. Have you seen any films in English?  
155. How often do you go to the theatre?  
156. When did you last go to the theatre?  
157. Did you like the performance?  
158. Did the audience like the performance?  
159. Was the house full?  
160. Where were your seats?  
161. Did you like the scenery?  
162. What was the play about?  
163. Who played the leading parts?  
164. Was the cast good?  
165. What do you call a place where the performance takes place?  
166. Where do you buy tickets?  

167. What do we call a person who writes plays?  

168. What do we call a person who directs the staging of a play?  
169. What is your favourite theatre and why?  
170. Which do you enjoy more: going to the theatre or going to the cinema?  
171. Do you like opera?  
172. What are your favourite operas?  
173. What are your favourite ballets?  
174. Which do you prefer: ballet, opera or musical concerts?  
175. Who are your favourite composers?  
176. Do you enjoy listening to classical music?  
177. Which do you prefer: pop music or classical music?  
178. What's the difference between a concert and a rehearsal?  
179. What's the difference between a composer and a musician?  
180. Does loud music annoy you?  
181. Who are your favourite pop singers and groups?  
182. Does music help you to escape from the problems of everyday life?  
183. How often do you go to discos?  
184. Do you play any musical instruments?  
185. Did you take music lessons? For how long?  
186. Have you ever been to a concert you didn't like?  
187. Do you watch MTV?  
188. How often do you visit art galleries or fine arts museums?  
189. How many times have you been to the Tretyakov Gallery?  
190. When did you last go to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts?  
191. What museums have you been to this year?  
192. Have you been to any exhibitions lately?  
193. Who are your favourite Russian painters?  
194. What famous English and American painters do you know?  
195. Where did you see their pictures?  
196. Do you like abstract art?  
197. What's the difference between a landscape and a seascape?  
198. Can you draw?  
199. Have you ever been to the Hermitage in St Petersburg?  
200. What art galleries in London do you know?  
201. Are you fond of reading science fiction?  
202. Who is your favourite science fiction author?  

203. Which of the writers foresaw the flight to the Moon?  

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