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204. Which great Russian scientist worked out the theory of space flights and designed the first 

205. What achievements have been made in space exploration?  
206. Who was the first cosmonaut?  
207. Who was the first man to land on the Moon?  
208. Do you think there is life on other planets of the solar system?  
209. Do you believe in UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)?  
210. Can you predict the future? What will our life be like in 50 years?  
211. What outstanding scientists do you know?  
212. What famous inventors do you know?  
213. What kind of people are considered to be outstanding? What qualities must they possess?  
214. Is it enough to be talented to be called outstanding?  
215. Do you agree that computers have completely changed our lives?  
216. What possibilities does genetic engineering open?  
217. Are you for or against cloning people? Why?  
218. Do you think people will live longer in the future? Why?  
219. What has man's interference in nature led to?  
220. Why do so many species of animals and plants die out for ever?  
221. What pollutes and poisons the air?  
222. Why are acid rains so dangerous for people?  
223. What do you know about the consequences of the Chernobyl tragedy?  
224. What should every country do to protect nature and to clean the environment?  
225. Is international cooperation necessary to create a system of ecological security? Why do you 
think so?  
226. What countries is the UK made up of?  
227. What is the capital of the UK?  
228. What is the capital of Wales?  
229. What is the capital of Scotland?  
230. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?  
231. Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain?  
232. What places of interest in London do you know?  
233. What do you know about Westminster Abbey?  
234. What do you know about the Houses of Parliament?  
235. Where is the residence of the Queen?  

236. Who was St Paul's Cathedral built by?  

237. What do the stars on the American flag stand for?  
238. How many stars are there on the US flag?  
239. What is the capital of the USA?  
240. Who was the first president of the USA?  

241. Who is the US President now?  
242. What great Americans do you know?  
243. Who discovered America?  
244. What large cities in the USA do you know?  
245. Which city is more American: Washington or New York?  
246. What places of interest in Washington do you know?  
247. When did the Russian Federation become an independent state?  
248. What parts of Russia have you been to?  
249. What is Russia rich in?  
250. When was Moscow founded and who by?  
251. Can you describe the centre of Moscow?  
252. What historical monuments in Moscow do you know?  
253. What world-famous museums in Moscow do you know?  
254. What do you know about Red Square?  
255. What is your favourite place in Moscow?  
256. What are the most interesting tourist sights in your city?  
257. What kinds of public transport do you know? Which do you prefer?  
258. Are you fond of travelling?  
259. If you were free to travel wherever you wanted, what countries would you visit?  
260. Why do you think so many people like travelling?  
261. Which is the most convenient way of travelling?  
262. Which is the quickest way of travelling?  
263. What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by car?  
264. What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling by air?  
265. Have you ever been abroad?  
266. What's the difference between a voyage and a journey?  
267. What great travellers of the past do you know?  
268. Would you like to travel in space?  
269. Do you find time for sports?  
270. What kinds of sports do you know?  
271. What is you favourite kind of sports?  

272. What sports do you enjoy watching?  

273. What do you do to keep fit?  
274. Have you got any bad habits?  
275. .)oes anyone in your family smoke?  
276. What do you know about the history of the Olympic Games?  
277. What kinds of sports are popular in Britain?  
278. What's the difference between an amateur and a professional?  

279. What do you do when you fall ill?  
280. What does the doctor do when he comes to examine you?  
281. What is the dentist's job?  
282. What must we do to be in good health?  
283. What are the most important national holidays in Russia?  
284. What do we celebrate on the 9th of May?  
285. When do we celebrate Independence Day?  
286. What religious holidays do you know?  
287. What is you favourite holiday?  
288. What are the most important public holidays in Great Britain?  
289. What are the most important public holidays in the United States?  
290. Are Christmas and Easter celebrated at the same time in all Christian countries?  
291. How is New Year celebrated in your family?  
292. Have you got a watch? What time is it now?  
293. What are you doing now?  
294. What will you be doing this time tomorrow?  
295. What were you doing at six o'clock in the evening yesterday?  
296. If you were a millionaire, how would you spend your money?  
297. If you were free today, where would you spend the day?  
298. If friends come to visit you tonight, how will you entertain them?  
299. What are you going to do tonight?  
300. If you are admitted to this faculty, what specialization would you like to take up?  

The Hard Way (After M. Rodgers) 4  
Stepmother (After J. Greenwood) 6  
A Note About Witches (After R. Dahl) 8  

The School-Teacher (After A. Croniri) 10  

An Explosion at Night (After A. Croniri) 12  
Adventure (After J. P. Priestley) 14  

Under the Deck Awnings. Part I (After J. London) 16  
Under the Deck Awnings. Part II (After J. London) 18  
How We Kept Mother's Day (After S. LeacocK) 20  
Looking Back on Eighty Years (After S. Maugham) 21  
The Cop and the Anthem (After O. Henry) 22  
The Problem of Thor Bridge (After A. Conan Doyle) — 24  
A Sound of Thunder (After R. Bradbury)- 26  
A Name on the Wall (After S. Marmorsteiri) 28  
The Model Millionaire (After O. Wilde) 30  
The English Language  
English today 32  
Hot Issues  
Life in the 21st century 34  
Computer revolution 36  
Will we live in space? -38  
Our planet Earth 40  
Can we live longer? 42  
Mass Media  
Mass media 44  
TV or not TV? 46  
Newspapers 48  
The British press 50  
About Myself  
My family 52  
My flat 54  
My working day 56  
My friend 58  
My school 60  
How I went shopping 62  
My plans for the future ; 64  
My meals 66  
At the doctor's 68  
Hobbies and Pastimes  
Hobbies 70  
My friend's hobby 72  
Travelling 74  
My last summer holidays 76  
My favourite season 78  
Countries and Cities  
Great Britain 80  
Climate and weather in Great Britain 82  
London 84  
The USA 87  
Washington, DC 90  
The Russian Federation — 92  
Moscow 95  

St Petersburg 98  
Literature and Arts  
Libraries 100  
William Shakespeare 102  
Anton Chekhov 105  
Agatha Christie 107  
Ernest Hemingway 109  
My favourite book — 111  
Tretyakov Gallery 113  
Valentin Serov 115  
Isaac Levitan 117  

Mozart 119  

My favourite singer 121  
The birth of the "seventh art" 123  
David Duchovny 126  
Science and Scientists  
Albert Einstein 128  
Andrei Sakharov 130  
Will we live to see the first cloned human? 132  
Olympic Games 134  
Sports in Great Britain : 136  
Sports in Russia 138  
Customs and Traditions  
Holidays in Great Britain 140  
Holidays in Russia 142  
The English Language  
The future of English 145  
Some facts about English 146  
Hot Issues  
What will our life be like? 147  
Chips are changing the world 147  
What does the future hold? 148  
Why are we so excited about the Internet? 148  
We may have no choice 149  
Arthur Clarke predicts 150  
The Earth is our home 150  
What shall we do with our packed planet? 152  
"Smog" was invented in Britain 152  
Do we live to eat? 153  
There is a danger hanging over your life 154  
Game of chance 154  
Mass Media  
What is news? 155  
American press 155  

Newspaper wars 156  
Hooked on the Net 156  
What kind of viewer are you? 157  
Hobbies and Pastimes  
What is a hobby? 158  
Video games 158  
The future of travelling 159  
Countries and Cities  
Scotland: the land of lochs and legends 160  
What does the Queen do? 161  
The new face of London 161  
The Tower of London 162  
St Paul's Cathedral 163  
London's East End 164  
Madam Tussaud's 164  
The White House 165  
New York 166  
The Statue of Liberty 168  
From the history of New York 168  
Australia 169  
Canada 170  
Some facts about Moscow 171  
Literature and Arts  

The future of the book — if it has a future 172  

On books and reading 172  
The Globe Theatre —173  
Robert Burns 174  
Mark Twain 174  
Michelangelo 175  
William Hogarth 176  
Abstract art 176  
Pablo Picasso 177  
Beethoven — 178  
Theatre and cinema in Britain 179  
Steven Spielberg: movie wizard 180  
Leonardo DiCaprio 180  
Science and Scientists  
Great inventions 182  
The gene revolution 183  
Miniature revolution 183  
In-line roller-skating 184  
Snowboarding 184  
Surfs up! 185  
Sport and competition in Britain 186  
Baseball 187  
Customs and Traditions  
Traditions and customs in Britain 188  

Time for tea 188  
British character 189  
Halloween 190  
April Fool's Day  190  
Holidays in the USA 191  
Happy birthday, America 193  
Columbus Day 194  

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