9 класс


Задание 1.

Прочитайте тексты 1 – 5 и установите их соответствие рубрикам A – F, к которым они могут быть отнесены.

Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании имеется одна лишняя рубрика.
A. Sightseeing.

B. Health news.

C. Geography.

D. Personal History.

E. Cinema Review.

F. Sport News.
1. David Robert Josef Beckham was born in London on May 2nd 1974. He plays football for Manchester United and is captain of both Manchester and England. Fans love Beckham and call him the "Golden Boy of English Football". He is also famous for his hairstyles which change very often.

2. Rod Strickland, the Magic won their third straight and for the sixth time in eight games Sunday – 104-93 over the Toronto Raptors.

Sports authorities handed the doping case of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's soccer-playing son over to the Italian soccer federation Saturday for a likely extended suspension.

3. There are thousands of things to do and places to visit for tourists. The most famous landmark must be The Statue of Liberty - a symbol of freedom. The Empire State Building, built in 1931 has a viewing floor at the top. On a clear day you can take spectacular photo­graphs of the city from here, but it is especially magical at night.

4. City of the Lost Children. France, 1995.
Director - Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Starring – Daniel Emilfork, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Rufus. An evil magi­cian kidnaps children's dreams. The film boasts the most unbelievable collection of mutants seen in films of the 1990s.Film Museum, December 18.

5. Nearly a million chickens and ducks will be slaugh­tered across South Korea to combat a highly conta­gious strain of bird flu that has spread across the country and could also infect humans, the government said on Monday.






Задание 2

Прочитайте тексты записей из дневника Розы и установите соответствие между событиями (1—5) и текстами (A—F). Каждому событию соответству­ет только один текст. Занесите свои ответы в таб­лицу, приведенную ниже. В задании один текст лишний.
1. Rose walked past her office.

2. Rose watched a TV programme about unemployment.

3. Rose lost her job.

4. Rose went to Job Centre again.

5. Rose spoke to Liz.
Rose’s diary.


FRIDAY. For once I have something important to put in my diary. Normally I have to think of something to write about – but today was different. Something special happened: I lost my job! Well, I’m going to bed now. I’ll think about it in the morning.

MONDAY. I woke up at 6.30. The sun was shining; the birds were singing (etc.). For a while I felt really happy. Then I remembered: I hadn’t got a job. I could stay in bed all morning – but I didn’t want to. I went into the kitchen and made myself some tea. I sat drinking it by the window. People were hurrying to work. Some of them didn’t look very happy. Perhaps they didn’t want to work! “Fools!” I wanted to shout at them. “You fools! At least you have jobs!”

Later I went along to the Job Centre. I filled in a form and had an interview with a clerk. She was quite pleasant, really, but she asked me a lot of silly questions! Anyway, she hadn’t got a job to offer me. I have to go back there on Wednesday.


TUESDAY. I visited the bank today aad checked my account. At least I'm not short of money - for the moment. Then I walked past the office where I used to work. Through the windows I could see peopfe work­ing inside. I felt envious! Afterwards, I sat in a cafe, thinking. If there's nothing at the Job Centre tomor­row, I'll ring my old friend Liz, She usually has some ideas.

WEDNESDAY. I saw a different clerk at the Job Centre today. He was not very encouraging. "You need to get some training," he said. "In computers, for example." In short, they haven't got a job for me! I'm definitely going to ring Liz in the morning.

FRIDAY. I rang Liz twice yesterday, bet I couldn't get an answer. I felt very depressed. Then I went for a long walk aad I felt much better. I came home and watched a TV programme - about unemployment! That de­pressed me again!


SATURDAY. I finally managed to get through to Liz this morning. Actually, she was pleased when she heard I was looking for a jobf "Good!" she said. "Just come and see me tomorrow, Rose, and I'll tell you all about my plans!" Then she rang off. So I'm going to see her tomorrow. But what are her plans, I wonder?






Задание 3.
Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 1-5 обводя цифру 1, 2, 3 или 4, соответствующую отве­ту, который вам кажется наиболее верным.
After a hasty breakfast in the station restaurant, Peter set about the task of finding a room where he could live for the next few months. He knew exactly what he wanted: a room which was not too small, nor so large that it would be difficult to heat in winter. It had to be clean and comfortable too but, above all, it had to be quiet, with a view that did not look directly on to the street. In the newspaper he had brought from the bookstall there were very few advertisements for rooms to let. But, as he glanced down the page, a notice in bold capital letters caught his eye.


This seemed promising, so he made a note of the address and set off in search of the agency. He found it in a narrow street just off the main road. The woman at the desk gave him a bright smile as he entered and, after he had explained wbat sort of room be was looking for, gave him for the small fee off two pounds a list of about half a dozen landladies who had rooms to let.

At the first house Peter tried, the landlady, who looked about seventy years aid, was so deaf that he had to shout to make her hear. When at last she understood, she shook her head and told him that she no longer let rooms. At the second house on the list all the rooms were taken. At the third the landlady was not at home. Peter was beginning to feel less hopeful, when he noticed that there was a telephone number after one of the addresses on the list. To save time, therefore, Peter rang up the landlady and enquired if she had a room to let. He was pleasantly relieved to hear that she had one vacant. He hurried round to the house, which stood well back from the road in a pleasant avenue. The room he was shown lay at the back of the house, overlooking a garden full of flowers and bushes. He noted, too, with satisfaction, that there was a large table in the room, where he could spread out his books and work in comfort. Furthermore, the rent was moderate. It was just what he was looking for. Without hesitation he told the landlady that he would take the room, paid a week's rent in advance and went back to the station to get his luggage.

1. Peter wanted a room that

1. was very small.

2. was not at the front of the house.

3. was very big.

4. he would not heat in winter.

2. In the newspaper he

1. noticed an advertisement about eye problems.

2. saw an advertisement about bookstalls.

3. saw an advertisement, written in capital letters.

4. saw a lot of advertisement for rooms to let.

3. After he had read advertisement he

1. set down.

2. thought that it was worthwhile going to the agency.

3. he made a book of adresses.

4. decided to have a rest before searching the accommodation agency.
4. First, Peter had difficulties in searching a room.

1. He didn't want to pay for the list of landladies at the agency.

2. In the first house the landlady shouted at him.

3. At the third house the landlady no longer let rooms.

4. There were no rooms vacant at the second house on Peter's list.

5. Peter took the room at the last house without hesitation because

1. he liked it.

2. he began to lose hope.

3. there was a telephone in it.

4. he needed a large table.

Задание 1.

Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски обозначенные номерами 1 – 11. Обведите номер ответа, который вам кажется наиболее верным.

We 1 _____________ on the bridge, trying 2 ______________ some fish 3 ___________ supper when a small red plane 4_____________almost directly above our heads. We

5 _________________ even see the pilot's face. "What on earth is he up to?" I

6 ________________. I felt rather 7 _____________

I 8 ______________ he's in trouble," Jack said. "His engine is making a strange noise." "Well, we can't do 9 ____________ , 10 ______________ we?" I said. "We can't even phone from here." We were on a boating holiday and we were miles from 11 ____________ town.

1. 1) has stood 2) were standing 3) have stood 4) was standing

2. 1)to catch 2) caught 3) catch 4) have caught

3. 1) to 2) for 3) on 4) at

4. 1) was flying 2) had flown 3) has flown 4) flew

5. 1) might 2) could 3) must 4) can

6. 1) was asking 2) have asked 3) asked 4) had asked

7. 1) annoy 2) annoying 3) annoyed 4) annoyance

8. 1) think 2) thought 3) have thought 4) am thinking

9. 1) any 2) nothing 3) something 4) anything
10 1) do we 2) don't 3) can 4) can't

11. 1) the nearest 2) near 3) nearer 4) most nearest

Задание 2.

Прочитайте приведенный ниже текст. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в скобках после номеров 1 – 6, так, чтобы они граммати­чески и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста. Заполните пропуски полученными словами.
1 ____________ (MEDIA), the 2 _____________ (ELECTRON) 3 _______________
(PUBLISH) revolution, is entering every area of our lives – college, work and home. This new

4 _______________ (DIGIT) technology combines texts, video, sound and graphics to produce

5 _______________ (INTERACT) language learning, football, music, movies
6 _____________ (COOK) and anything else you might be interested in.


Задание 1.

Перед вами анкета, которую следует заполнять каждый раз, когда вы приезжаете в Марокко на самолете или пароме. Заполните ее.

Date ______________________________________________________________



Nom de jeune fille

Maiden Name ____________________________________________________________


Given name______________________________________________________________

Date de naissance

Date of birth __________________________________________________________

Lieu de naissance

Place of birth __________________________________________________________


Nationality _____________________________________________________________



Passeport N

Passport N ___________________________________________________________

Delivre le

On (date of entering the country) __________________________________________


Going to _______________________________________________________________


Coming from ____________________________________________________________

Adresse au Maroc

Address in Marocco _______________________________________________________
Задание 2.


Вы только что вернулись из Санкт-Петербурга, где вы проводили свои зимние каникулы с классом. Это ваша первая поездка в город на Неве. Напишите почтовую открытку своему другу из Англии, рассказав о своих впечат­лениях.

Ваш друг John Fox, живет в Оксфорде (Ox­ford) в доме No. 22 по улице New High Street. Его почтовый код: OX 3 7AQ.

Объем текста 25-35 слов.

Не забудьте правильно указать адрес.

Задание 3.


Вы получили письмо от своего английского друга Дэвида. Он хочет узнать рецепт вашего любимого блюда и приготовить его, когда вы приедете к нему на каникулы. Напишите ему письмо, поблагодарив за внимание и описав:

- название вашего любимого блюда,

- какие нужны продукты для его приготовления,

- описание как его приготовить.

Обратите внимание на правильное оформление


Объем текста 100-140 слов.

Темы для устного высказывания

  1. Speak about your summer impressions.

  2. What ecological problems are there in our region? Is there anything you can do about it?

  3. What is different in New Year celebrations in Russia and Great Britain?

  4. What Russian museums would you recommend your British friend to visit? Why?

  5. What would you tell your foreign friend about our town? What places would you show him? Why?

  6. What are your favourite school subjects? Why do you find them interesting and useful?

  7. Why is there a rise of interest to travelling? What are the most popular places for Russian travellers?

  8. What places in Great Britain would you visit first of all if you had a chance to visit this country?

  9. What places in the USA would you visit first of all if you had a chance to visit this country?

  10. What kind of music do you like to listen to? Why? And what about your friends?

  11. What is the best way to spend spare time?

  12. What are Paraolimpic Games? Do you agree or disagree with the idea of holding such games?

  13. What is good and what is bad in advertising on TV?

  14. Why do teenagers have problems with parents? What kind of problems are they?

  15. What good and bad things does television bring in our life?

  16. What does sport give people? What is your attitude to sport?

  17. What are the advantages and the disadvantages of living in a big city?

  18. Why are foreign languages becoming more and more popular in Russia today?
  19. How much pocket money does a teenager need today? What are the most common ways of getting this money?

  20. What things in Russian life and in Russian history can everyone be proud of?