Unit 7 (“Enjoy English 3”) 6 класс. Биболетова М.З.

What do British people like to eat?
Цель урока: активизация лексических навыков по теме «Продукты», совершенствование навыков устной речи.

Вспомогательная задача: учить правильно вести себя за столом, накрывать правильно стол.

  1. Слайды.

  2. Проектор, экран

  3. Таблицы, опорные слова

  4. Магнитофон, кассеты.

Ход урока

  1. Органиизационный момент.

T: Good morning, children! I`m very glad to see you.

Cl: Morning!

T: You know, today we have many guests, I want you to meet them:


How do you do

How do you do

I`m very pleased to meet you

I`m very pleased to meet you

How do you do

T: Thank you, take your seats, please!

Don`t worry! Everything is OK!

Let`s start working! Today we are going to speak about British meals, what British people like to eat, about British dishes and drinks. So, it`s time to begin.

Open your books at page 132 ex 31.

Repeat words after the speaker, please.

  1. Ex. 132 p. 31 (магинофонная запись, касета “ Enjoy English 3”)

T: All right, thank you! Now, choose the words on the topic “Food” from the exercise.

P: tea, meat, cheese, pizza, biscuit, chips, pie, sandwich, salad, cake, mayonnaise, bun, butter, sausage, salt, pudding, juice, roll.

T: OK! Everything is done correctly!

  1. Let`s make up word combinations using the following adjectives.




























P: crispy chips, strong tea, fresh meet, boiled sausage, sweet pie, tasty salad, salty pizza……
IV T: Do you lika tea? What tea do you like?

P1: I like strong tea.

P2: I like green tea.

P3: I like tea without sugar/

Let`s read a ladder; mind the stress and intonation!

A cup


A ` cup of tea


A ` cup of ` strong tea


A ` cup of ` strong ` tea and a cake


A ` cup of ` strong ` tea and a ` piece of cake


A ` cup of ` strong ` green ` tea and a ` piece of cake


I ` like a ` cup of ` strong ` green ` tea and a ` peace of cake


I ` like a ` cup of ` strong ` green ` tea and a ` piece of ` cake in the morning.
T: Wel done! Now, tell me please, what do you prefer for breakfast? As for me, I prefer a cup of strong coffee for breakfast. And whot about you, …?


P: I prefer a cup of coffee and a sandwich for breakfast what about you, Natasha?

(Работа по цепочке).


VI. Thank you! I`ve found your likes for breakfast, now listen to a dialogue. Pay attention to there words:

as a rule – как правило

a light breakfast – легкий завтрак

to feel hungry – чувствовать голод

a hearty eater – любитель поесть


A: what do you usually have for breakfast?

B: As a rule, I don`t feel hungry early in the morning, so I usually have a light breakfast: just a sandwich with cheese or sausage and a cup of strong tea with lemon. What about you?

A: Oh, I`m a hearty eater, and I always have a big breakfast. I begin with a plate of porridge, then I eat bacon and eggs, after which I have a cup of tea with a piece of cake or some cookies. I like my tea with a lot of sugar.

T: So, answer my questions, please:

  1. Who prefers light breakfast – the first speaker or the second one?
  2. What does the first speaker eat for breakfast?

  3. What about the second one?


T: Now, let`s act out this dialogue! (Pupils act out the dialogue)

T: And what about you?

Are ou bad eaters or hearty eaters?

P: I think I`m a bad eater. I don`t have breakfast in the morning. I like light breakfast.

T: And what about you, ….?

P: I think I`m a hearty eater. I like to eat tasty things. Especially sweets and cakes.


T: That`s OK! Different people like eating different things. You know the proverb: “Tastes differ”/

Let`s devide into 2 groups and choose what hearty eaters prefer:

(Group work. Групповая работа на проектор. Каждой группе дать листок для записи)


The 1-st group – choose what bad eaters like.

The 2-d group – choose what hearty eaters like.

a glass of juice a plate of porridge fried fish yoghurt a cup of green tea cheese bacon and eggs roast chicken mashed potatoes meat salad fruit salad biscuits toast fresh vegetables tea with a lot of sugar

Group I

We think bad eaters prefer:

Group II

We think hearty eaters prefer:

- a glass of juice

- a plate of porridge

- yoghurt

- fried fish

- sandwich

- roast chicken

- cheese

- meat salad

- fresh vegetables

- bacon and eggs

- a cup of green tea

- mashed potatoes

- fruit salad

- tea with a lot of sugar

- biscuit

T: It`s clear now! That`s OK!


Now, let`s act out your own dialogues, using these word expressions.

One of you is a bad eater, the second is a hearty one. I`ll give you 3 minutes! Be ready!

(Работа в парах)

T: Your time is up! Please, act out your dialogues (Опрос 2-3 пар)

X T: Thank you! Look at the screen, complete each phrase with a suitable word from the box:

Chocolate, pepper, chips, grapes, cake, bread, butter, sweet corn, water, coffee, honey, milk

1) a loaf of…. 5) a kilo of …… 9) a bunch of….

2) a peace of… 6) a jar of…. 10) a bar of…

3) a tin of… 7) a bottle of… 11) a cup of…

4) a packet of… 8) a glass of… 12) salt and…

XI. Pupils: a tin of sweet corn, a packet of chips, a loaf of bread …

T: Well done! Now, let`s play! All of you go shopping every day. Tell me please, what you bought yesterday:

Begin your sentence like this:

P1: Yesterday I went shopping and bought a loaf of bread.

P2: Yesterday I went shopping and bought a loaf of bread and a bottle of water.

P3: Yesterday I went shopping and bought a loaf of bread, a bottle of water and a jar of honey….

(Игра “Снежный ком”)

T: All right! You are working hard, and I think you`re tired. Let`s have a rest. Sign a song!

XII Физминутка: песня “Hokey-Pokey” с движениями

T: Let`s go on! You know, that English people like eating fast food and different sandwiches. We`ve read the text about it. Do you remember what sandwiches do they like?

P: Fruit sandwiches, meat sandwiches, cheese sandwiches…


T: You`re quite right! Now read the text “Sandwich” and you will learn everything about the word “sandwich”.

  1. Read the text to the yourself.

  2. Find the following word combination in the text:

- играть в карты на деньги

- 24 часа

- слуги

- без остановки

- слово Сэндвич появилось.

3) Read the text aloud.

4) Answer the questions please:

- When did the Earl of Sandwich live?

- What did he like to do?

- How long could he play cards?

- Who brought him food?

- What was the food?

- How did he eat bread and meat?

- Why did he do it?

T: You are right. You have read that the British have a sweet tooth. What does it mean?

P: It means they like to eat different sweet things.

T: Yes, you are quirt right. But what sweet things do they like to eat?

P: they like to eat rolls, buns, biscuits, cakes, sweets and so on.

T: Yes, that`s true. I`m sure you like them too.

XIV Let`s make up the recipe of “Marble cake”.

Put the steps in the right order. Who will be the first?

Group work (Групповая работа).

Каждой группе дается разрезанный на фрагменты рецепт приготовления «Мраморного торта». Кто быстрее соберет правильный рецепт.

Правильный рецепт

    1. Put the flour and salt in a bowl.

    2. Cut the butter into small pieces and mix it with the flour.

    3. Mix eggs and sugar.

    4. Add eggs and sugar mixture into the flour.

    5. Divide dough into 2 parts.

    6. Add cocoa in one part.

    7. Put the light dough into the pan.

    8. Cover light dough with dark one.

    9. Bake the cake about 30 minutes.
    10. Decorate your cake with cherry.

    11. Enjoy your “Marble cake”

T: Well, who wants to read the recipe of the cake?

P: 1…



T: Thank you! You`ve made a wonderful cake, now, let`s make tea.

XV Who wants to tell us how to make tea?

P: 1. Fill the kettle with cold water.

2. Boil the water.

3. Warm the pot.

4. Put one teaspoon of tea in the pot for each person and one extra for the pot.

5. Pour hot water into the pot.

6. Wait 4 minutes.

7. Enjoy your tea!


T: “Tastes differ”. Please make up some sentence/

The English


The Russian












in the morning

in the afternoon

during the break

in the evening

(Учащиеся составляют предложения).

T: That`s enough!

XVII Well, it`s time to set the table!

Let`s do it! Look at the screen and tell me, how to do it correctly:

Use the prepositions

  • to the right

  • to the left

  • near

  • opposite

P1: Put meat and fish fork to the left of the plate.

P2: Put meat or fish knife to the right of the plate

P3: Put soup spoon to the right of the plate

P4: Put spoon and fork for dessert opposite the plate.

P5: Put a glass near the plate.

T: Wonderful! You have set the table perfectly. Now, let`s remember table manners.

XVIII Look at the picture. Do you notice bad manners at the table?

Begin your sentences with should or shouldn`t.

(Провила поведения за столом)

P1: John should sit up straight at the table.

P2: Tom shouldn`t lick his fingers.

P3: Alice shouldn`t talk with her mouth full.

P4: Alice shouldn`t put her dirty fork and spoon on the tab.

P5: Bill shouldn`t put elbows on the table.

P6: Jane shouldn`t eat with her fingers

P7: Bob shouldn`t lick the knife. It`s dangerous!

T: You are right! Thank you!
T: Our lesson is over. You`ve taken an active part init.

Tour marks are …. (Выставление оценок)

Thank you for your work!

Your homework will be: to write a recipe of your favorite dash/